Târgu Jiu Live Webcam, Poarta Sărutului, Romania

Târgu Jiu Live Webcam, Poarta Sărutului, Romania

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The kiss gate, which is located on the alley at the entrance to the city park, is carved from porous stone, extracted from the quarries in the vicinity, being made up of thick, parallelepiped columns, which support an architrave larger than the columns, having width of 6.45 m, height of 5.13 m and thickness of 1.69 m.

On the faces of each column is found the symbol of the kiss, two halves of a circle, so characteristic of Brâncuși’s work. The architrave also has this symbol inlaid, as a kind of watermark. In addition, also in the watermark are inlays that bring a kind of roof of the gate, as if the gate were covered with shingles .

The vault of the gate has a delicate linear ornament: it is a continuity of small arches, and above, on three horizontal lines, we find the continuation of identical oval shapes, as if it were the contour of the face and shoulders.

The kiss gate looks like a triumphal arch , symbolizing the triumph of life over death.