Spain Webcams – 4 Amazing HD Views

Valencia Webcam – Playa de Gandía – Spain

Webcam Albentosa – Spain

Webcam Alcalá de la Selva – Spain

Cabra de Mora Webcam – Spain

Whether you’re a beach lover, a history enthusiast, or a culture vulture, holidays in Valencia deliver a generous dollop of entertainment. Spain’s third-largest city is also a treasure trove for foodies and partygoers.

Located on the southeastern coast of Spain, Valencia lies near scenic beaches and other natural attractions. Away from the seaside, the city offers a fascinating historic center and plenty of cultural appeal. Plus, its delicious cuisine is bound to impress even the fussiest foodies.

Paella in Valencia

Valencia bills itself as the home of paella, and, indeed, it might just be the best place to try the iconic rice dish. The original Valencian paella contains chicken, rabbit, and snails, but today many versions of the dish come with seafood!