Ünye Park Live Webcam, HD Ordu Province, Turkey

Ünye Park Live Webcam, Ordu Province, Turkey

Ünye has a little port, in a bay on one of the flatter areas of the Black Sea coast. The climate is typical of the Black Sea region, warm and wet, although because the hinterland is flatter than most of the coastline Ünye has less rainfall. Agriculture is the basis of the local economy, in particular hazelnut growing, hazelnut trading and hazelnut processing.

The town is very quiet in late-July and August when most people are in the countryside for the hazelnut harvest.

With its quiet spots for picnics and walking and its excellent beaches Ünye is one of the nicest holiday towns on the eastern Black Sea coast. Affordable pensions and camping facilities as well as 2- or 3-star hotels can be found in the summer season. There are summer festivals and concerts in July.