Tahiti Airport Live Cam, French Polynesia Webcam

Tahiti Airport Live Cam, French Polynesia

Tahiti Airport Live Cam, or Fa’a’ā International Airport serves both domestic and international flights. Air Tahiti has daily flights to most other islands in French Polynesia and one international service to the Cook Islands. There are intercontinental flights to Chile, Metropolitan France, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. The airport is on Tahiti, which is an island among the Windward Islands, the eastern part of the Society Islands. Because of limited level terrain, rather than leveling large stretches of sloping agricultural land, the airport is built primarily on reclaimed land on the coral reef just offshore.

The airport is operated by Setil Aéroports and has a single 3,420 m (11,220 ft) runway, that can accommodate aircraft up to Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 size.