Mamaia Beach Live Cam, Romania

Mamaia Beach Live Cam, Romania

Mamaia Beach Live Cam, Mamaia  is a resort on the Romanian Black Sea shore and a district of Constanța.

Considered to be Romania’s most popular resort,Mamaia is situated immediately north-east of Constanța’s city center. It has almost no full-time residents, being populated mostly during the summer.

Mamaia lies on a strip of land 8 km (5 mi) in length and only 300 m (330 yd) in width, between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol.

The beach season is at its best between mid June and early September, when average daytime temperatures range between 25 and 30 °C (77 and 86 °F). The water stays warm until mid autumn.

Hotels range from mid-end to exclusive 4- and 5-star hotels and private clubs. There are also camping sites in the north.

The 11th reunion of the Central European heads of state took place in Mamaia on 27–28 May 2004.