Helsinki Port Live Cam, Amazing Finland

Helsinki Port Live Cam, Amazing Finland

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Helsinki port live cam. The Port of Helsinki (Finnish: Helsingin Satama, Swedish: Helsingfors Hamn) is the busiest passenger port in the world and the main port for foreign trade in Finland.

For passenger traffic, the port operates regular liner connections to destinations such as Tallinn, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg and Travemünde, serving a total volume of 11.6 million passengers in 2018. Additionally, it is a popular destination for international cruise ships with 520,000 passenger arrivals in 2018. In terms of combined liner and cruise passengers, it overtook the Port of Dover in 2017 to become the busiest passenger port in the world.

As Finland’s leading cargo port, a total of 14.7 million tonnes of goods were transported in 2018. The main export commodities are products for the forest industry, machinery and equipment, whereas in imports the most prominent product group are daily consumer goods.

The port is owned by the city of Helsinki and operated by Port of Helsinki Ltd.