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Live Cam Bulgaria, Varna City

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VarnaĀ is the third largestĀ cityĀ inĀ BulgariaĀ and the largest city andĀ seaside resortĀ on theĀ Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Situated strategically in theĀ Gulf of Varna, the city has been a major economic, social and cultural centre for almost three millennia. Varna, historically known asĀ Odessos, grew from aĀ ThracianĀ seaside settlement to a majorĀ seaportĀ on theĀ Black Sea.

Varna is an important centre forĀ business,Ā transportation,Ā education,Ā tourism,Ā entertainmentĀ andĀ healthcare. The city is referred to as the maritime capital of Bulgaria and headquarters theĀ Bulgarian NavyĀ and merchant marine. In 2008, Varna was designated seat of theĀ Black Sea EuroregionĀ by theĀ Council of Europe. In 2014, Varna was awarded the title ofĀ European Youth Capital 2017.

The oldest gold treasure in the world, belonging to theĀ Varna culture, was discovered in theĀ Varna Necropolis and dates to 4200ā€“4600 BC.