Frisian Historical Center, Live cam – Netherlands šŸ‡³šŸ‡±

Frisian Historical Center, Live cam – Netherlands

Leeuwarden Ā is a city and municipality inĀ FrieslandĀ in theĀ Netherlands. It is the provincialĀ capitalĀ and seat of theĀ States of Friesland. The municipality has a population of 122,293.

The region has been continuously inhabited since the 10th century. It came to be known as Leeuwarden in the early 9th century AD and was grantedĀ city privilegesĀ in 1435. It is the main economic hub of Friesland, situated in a green and water-rich environment. Leeuwarden is a former royal residence and has a historic city center, many historically relevant buildings, and a large shopping center with squares and restaurants. Leeuwarden was awarded the titleĀ European Capital of CultureĀ for 2018.

TheĀ ElfstedentochtĀ (Eleven Cities Tour), an ice skating tour passing the eleven cities of Friesland, started and finished in Leeuwarden.

The following towns and villages within the municipality have populations in excess of 1,000 people: Leeuwarden,Ā Stiens,Ā Grou,Ā Goutum,Ā Wergea,Ā Jirnsum,Ā Reduzum, andĀ Wirdum. The municipality is governed by the mayorĀ Sybrand van Haersma BumaĀ and a coalition of theĀ Labour Party,Ā Christian Democratic Appeal, andĀ GreenLeft.




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