Eckernförde Bay Live Cam , HD Webcam, Germany

Eckernförde Bay Live Cam, HD Webcam, Germany

Eckernförde Bay live cam (German: Eckernförder Bucht; Danish: Egernførde Fjord) is a Förde in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.This HD Webcam shows a panoramic view of the bay.  It is about 16 km long and turns at the mouth, with the south bank on approximately 10 km of the Bay of Kiel. The border with Kiel Fjord is at Bülker lighthouse. The once forested peninsula between Kiel Fjord and Eckernförde Bay formed the borderland between the Saxons and the Danes in the Middle Ages and was termed the Danish Wold. North of Eckernförde Bay is the peninsula Schwansen. At the end of the bay is the city of Eckernförde.